Who’s been liking Dragon Ball Super?

Okay Dragon Ball Super been having a Hindu Religion problem from up coming episodes of Dragon Ball Super of a leak of a new character that’s sure post to be in the upcoming tournament, of one of The God’s of destruction.

Okay Religion is a big deal to people because we have wars, cults, and there are good parts of Religion to like having faith, prayers, and having Religion Camp’s to teach people about Religion and how it can help them in their lives if they choose to accept that Religion in their lives.

We can’t help that Religion comes up in a lot of things, because there are people who have a Religion, or want to start one, if it’s out of good or bad.

People should learn about a Religion before judging it, and to see if it’s a Cult or if it’s really is a Religion. Anyways all Animes has something to do with Religion, if you pay close attention to an anime. It can be made up, or one that is really is a Religion or a Cult. Shit even South Park make fun of Religions and how long that been popular for? Their movies, games, and TV Shows that do stuff with Religion and Cults. You can’t stop something that is in a fantasy landscape because you just don’t like it.


Like this can be mistaken as racism, because there’s been jokes about it on the internet. We have to see that generations has been changing since  1940’s and the 1980’s, and the 199o’s. This is a new generation and there more to come from the worst and the best of them.


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