Okay who like art and photography

I know of an artist that I thought I knew from my childhood but I was wrong on that.

Theirs an artist/photographer that goes by V Badwolf she’s from London UK. She’s a really good artist and a photographer. She has a website that is V Badwolf. I thought I will give the word out for her. Her art is mostly dark but it is good art and it’s not that dark what you might think it is. Some of her art are like ancient Greek gods, that are two halves of creatures that she’s comes up with herself, so they are her own original ideas that makes her an amazing artist.

Also V Badwolf photographs are really good to with the lighting in the photos. I don’t know if she use photo software for her photography. Because I know some people to, like me that I do for fun with my own photos mostly and some from the internet. The photo software I think is good for touch ups but some photographers think it’s cheating and maybe it is, depending on what you during with your photography. Either way if you during digital art or the old way in the dark room with a red light with the liquid you use for the photos to soke in and hang up to let dry and maybe later, photo scan afterwards on your computer for touch ups, if you want to use photo software, or use pop out colors for black and white photos. Pop out colors are cool in black and white photos I think sometimes, like for roses or to bring something out in the photo for people to Knowles.

So go visit V Badwolf.


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