Who hate beggars?

Okay who don’t like beggars with a sob story of any kind, asking for money in any type of way, okay I don’t mind sad stories without asking for money.

Yeah I like to have money, but you don’t see me begging for it, or bugging people of buying reblogs, maybe I have done affiliate programs, but they just as bad.

We always see adds, people, asking to buy or offering a deal of some type, so what we get out of it, just getting scam out of money, who are sick of this by now. I can say I am.

We all see, dating/love/sex scams, not stick pots and pans, paint in a pain rower, grow back hair, face cream, water prove hole fixer to help leaks and water coming in to something, money for your gold, loosing weight protects, knifes that never gets dull, weight loss pills, and ECT….,


Who’s brave to cut their own hair? It didn’t took me over night to become good of cutting my hair.

Okay this is my 3rd successful, own haircut. When I was young, like 7,8, and 9, I’d failed of cutting my bangs 3 times, and in my mid 20’s, I’d screw up on 2 or maybe 3 haircuts, where I have to shave my head, because it didn’t look good, and start over of growing my hair out.


So yeah, I getting damn good of cutting my own hair.

Okay Gohan is poison in Dragon Ball Super episode 80

Okay Gohan gets poison and blind, so he has to relay on his other 4 senses, to keep fighting. I like this myself, because this is a realistic fighting style, but it takes time and training to master it. Even for people who do become blind, to learn to enhance the other 4 senses, but it’s possible to do.

Just not as fast as Gohan did, or less he had training, of mastering, of enhancing those senses, or less is a Saiyan’s thing or pass down from his farther, from learning that from Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball?

It does get interesting, when they kick it up a bet, of Gohan enemy takes fright in the air, so he can’t hear him, so he has to go Super Saiyan, to use an other sense, that Super Saiyan’s, can only do.

What do I to for my lower back, when it gets stiff from an old back injury as a kid, that I don’t recall happening.

Okay what to I do, when my lower back get stiff, from an old back strength injury, the long way. Okay if any of you guys, back gotten strength the long way, from legs and arms getting pulled.

I have some yoga strengths, that might help you, that are simple, but don’t over do yourself, if you can’t do, what I say, I do.

  1. Put one leg up at a time, up on some thing like 4 feet or 3 feet high, or lower, if you can’t left your legs, that high, then bend over to though your foot, on the leg you left up, or as far as you can, and hold it for 30 seconds, but I to it for a minute or 2, but on my right leg, because of a bad knee, I do it for 3 minutes on that leg, but that’s me.
  2. After that bend down with your arms down to your feet, or as far as you can, for 30 seconds, but I do it for a minute.img_20170226_005743
  3. Then your right or left leg the same as number 2.
  4. Then your other leg that’s your left or right leg the same way.
  5. Then but your arms back over your head, with your hands together, when strengthening your back, backwards as far as you can, without hurting yourself, for 30 seconds, but again, I do it for a minute.1488091748244-680478196
  6. Do number 5 also for your right and left side the same way.
  7. Then lay down on the floor, and bend both knees to you for 30 seconds, but I do it for a minute. Then do this with one leg at a time.
  8. Next left one leg straight up at a time with your arms behind your lower part of your leg, for 30 seconds, but I do it for a minute. Then do it the same way, with one leg at a time, at a 45 degree angle without the arms behind your legs, then at a 5 degree angle that is about 4″ or 5″ from the ground.
  9. Next and final, set down and bend over with you legs spread out, and bend as far as you can, or to your feet, if you can, for 30 seconds, but I do it for a minute, and then left one leg at a time, with one leg cross over the other leg, that is straight out, but the leg, that is over the straight leg, have it bend, with the foot, flat on the floor, over the straight leg, while bending over on the other side as far as you can, with your hands flat on the floor, for 30 seconds, and I do it for a minute.

    Okay the last picture is a mistake, I sure post to be facing the other way.

These strengths, seems to help my lower back, on freezing days, when waking up in the morning, but they might help you to, but don’t over do yourself, where you hurt yourself.

Who like reading about Western and the Chinese Zodiac?

What I like about these books, you don’t need to read the whole book of them, just parts you want to read. I have read other one’s in libraries, and one’s that base on the Zodiac, that I am, that is a Gemini.1487961161094133468744 I bought these one’s, but didn’t had them in my main photo, since they from 2014. I’m also the Year of the Rat, a Wood Rat. That’s in the Chinese Horoscopes one.

The Birthdays ones are cool, they tell you more about the day of your birthday, and of the stars, or if you have a fix star, and more about your fix star.

The first two books is about your birth chart and little on how to make yours. The Moon Phase one is interesting. I haven’t read it in a while, so I don’t remember too much on it, but it tells you on the moon luna eclipses and other things about the moon.

I was during some cleaning and I got the spring cleaning bug.

I was starting out cleaning my part of the upstairs, where I rent my room out, by sweeping the upstairs hall and the bathroom, cleaning the bathtub, the bathroom sink and the counter top, the mirror, then mop the upstairs hall and the bathroom, then scrub the toilet inside out, back to front.

Then I was thinking my room need cleaning with my closet, because I had stuff in the middle of my room for about 9 months, like my movie DVD’s and my anime DVD’s, so I started on that, when I was finish with the hall and bathroom, also my closet wasn’t neat, just pack with stuff with some papers and trash.

So yeah, I was putting off on my room for a while. Good thing for spring cleaning fever, and it has been warm in Northern Michigan for few days, so yeah, I got bitten by the spring cleaning bug, this year. Usually I do, every spring at work or home. Continue reading I was during some cleaning and I got the spring cleaning bug.

Samurai Jack is back, back on Cartoon Network.

Okay 50 years has gone past and Jack haven’t age a day. What’s going on with that? Also is Jack getting to the point of being overwhelmed by Aku? Of Aku always screwing him over, when he get close of defeating him and is Jack at the point of giving up, because they show a past sprite of Jack giving the run down on Jack of being tire of going on, or that’s, my guess.

I really want to see what they have planned for this older un-age Jack.

Also in episode 6 of the older show of Samurai Jack, I like how Aku transform him self in a woman to trick Jack,

“The old crying game,” also very cruel game to play but Aku is evil and will do anything to defeat Jack, even if it comes down of beating him down, where he just want to give up and die.