Okay who use YouTube a lot

Okay I been watching the CGTN channel on YouTube a live China TV Network that I like since I like to hear about China News and China Culture. Also the Spring Festival 2017 is going on right now of The Year of the Rooster, on CGTN.

The China New Year’s goes on for 7 days, so a week. Also this YouTube link is in English so that’s good because I don’t speak Chinese or understand it and people who like me who can’t either. This is good for you if you want to know what’s happening in China right now. I also been having a Chinese online girlfriend that I been talking to over a half of a year now. I not going to get into much details about her, but she’s a fashion model, who been trying to do her own company, that she been putting a lot time into.

I‘m been thinking if I have an online Chinese girlfriend I should keep up on what’s happening in China once in awhile, like now with the Chinese Spring Festival. “I haven’t been talking to her in a few days because of the Chinese Spring Festival that’s been going on right now. I’m thinking she’s with her family right now and enjoying the Chinese New Year’s of The Year of the Rooster with her family and her love ones’.” This is my 3rd Chinese girlfriend that I had on Zestlove that I don’t really like Zestlove because of the Chinese Culture of men buying their girlfriends or friends gifts on Zestlove that is pricey, so that why I don’t like Zestlove, also you need to watch for scammers on any Dating Sites because their people that will act like they love you so they can get money from you.

So that why Dating Sites, you Should really watch out for of any Dating Sites even the Hook Up Sites.

I‘m not saying all dating sites or people on them are scammers, but you should really watch out what you during on them, also if you the one’s who feel real lonely, because scammers go for the people that feel lonely the most because they are easier, and let face it, ‘it’s true if you feel lonely, or been over heartbreak, or heartbroken right now, even if you learn about love to young, and had took-en a brake from it, and giving it an other shot at it.’ We are the one’s that scammers look for the most and hit the hardest that can leave us in a real bad spot with our money problems, also if we been having money problems as it is.”

Also the Hook Up Sites, you should really look out for, if you just want sex, because those sex sites give you so much free and their is a free trail that they do screw people with, because is for (x-many days), but after you work on your profile and chat with people.

That when they charge people on their Gold Membership, Premium Membership, or whatever they call their memberships, that when they screw people. “So you really should watch out for these sites and using your debit cards or credit cards on them, because they will get you with a charge, if you don’t watch out for them. They also will show people that are members, that are around your area, that really might not be in your area. Just to get you to join, ‘so really watch out for that also.’ Also people that might be chatting with you, might know this also, or they can be fake profiles on these dating sites. So just beware on them, also if you like sex, or an sex addicted, or cheating on your partner. Just think about it before you go on them.



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