Okay Starting a Website

MyAbout website starting with WordPress.

Okay I been using Wealthy Affiliate Program but not getting much use out of it, because it seems like they want you to make money, so you can make them money and yes money makes the world go around, but WA teach things that you would not know if you not good of making websites, so that’s good I guess.

Okay I like to have a better income but on my own bases of it and not trying to get money off other people and I’m not really liking the whole affiliate programs really. Theirs a lot of work into it and I don’t like the term “Spend Money to Make Money.”

Yes spending some money is important to start a business, but you have to come out on top of it after spending the money, you put into it, you can’t come out flat on it, because you not making money, just getting the money back that you spend.

“Me”, I like to start with Blog charging for people reading my Blogs.

I don’t mean to charge a lot but like $5.00 month, “what just say that for now.” Cause theirs people who like writing and maybe don’t want to write books but write blogs, so they don’t spend so much money to make money on their writing. I just like to make money on my own terms some how, and bloggers seems to make good money what they write about…

That just what I’m I thinking about bloggers, because without them? How would we know what going on with the web, the world, news, and whatever out in the world.

Blog Sites seems to be more popular with readers.

I Knowles theirs people that do blog sites on their business, gaming, movies, dining out, and whatever they want to blog about sites;  that get people talking about their blogs, or draws them into their blogs, because is the person opinion on the topic they are blogging about, with their own content they use.

These are my thoughts on starting a website and making money on them on a person own terms.


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