I was during some cleaning and I got the spring cleaning bug.

I was starting out cleaning my part of the upstairs, where I rent my room out, by sweeping the upstairs hall and the bathroom, cleaning the bathtub, the bathroom sink and the counter top, the mirror, then mop the upstairs hall and the bathroom, then scrub the toilet inside out, back to front.

Then I was thinking my room need cleaning with my closet, because I had stuff in the middle of my room for about 9 months, like my movie DVD’s and my anime DVD’s, so I started on that, when I was finish with the hall and bathroom, also my closet wasn’t neat, just pack with stuff with some papers and trash.

So yeah, I was putting off on my room for a while. Good thing for spring cleaning fever, and it has been warm in Northern Michigan for few days, so yeah, I got bitten by the spring cleaning bug, this year. Usually I do, every spring at work or home. Continue reading I was during some cleaning and I got the spring cleaning bug.


Samurai Jack is back, back on Cartoon Network.

Okay 50 years has gone past and Jack haven’t age a day. What’s going on with that? Also is Jack getting to the point of being overwhelmed by Aku? Of Aku always screwing him over, when he get close of defeating him and is Jack at the point of giving up, because they show a past sprite of Jack giving the run down on Jack of being tire of going on, or that’s, my guess.

I really want to see what they have planned for this older un-age Jack.

Also in episode 6 of the older show of Samurai Jack, I like how Aku transform him self in a woman to trick Jack,

“The old crying game,” also very cruel game to play but Aku is evil and will do anything to defeat Jack, even if it comes down of beating him down, where he just want to give up and die.

Okay season 3 of Rick and Morty is being production.

Okay I been checking my Facebook and seen that Rick and Morty season three is starting production and working on episode 301. Theirs no pictures of season three, just pictures of past seasons, there’s no surprise there, because it will be spoilers right?, not or less they want to show pictures of season three, but they might not have any pictures besides the storyboard and the scrip of episode 301. rickandmorty1.png

Okay I been liking Rick and Morty and Rick being my favorite character that looks like Doc Brown from Back to the Futuredownload-1then Morty my 2nd favorite character.download-2

So yeah this show has a lot going on and waiting on season 3 of it on Cartoon Network. download-3

This blog goes for any Food services!

Awhile this still kind of fresh in my head, okay there a few things that bug me and I will admit I didn’t do few of these things myself when I was younger, awhile working in food services, okay maybe a couple, I still don’t follow, that isn’t real bad.

  • Never block anything like fire doors, sinks, freezers and refrigerators.
  • Always keep freezers and refrigerators doors close when they not in use.
  • Clean out freezers and refrigerators, and food storages, that means sweeping, mopping, whipping down walls if needed, and whipping down selves before a food truck comes. This should be done before the food truck is expected to come, even if the food truck is late, doesn’t mean that you should slack off on it, if it’s late.
  • Always keep things clean that are being use the most.
  • Never use hand sinks for anything else, like dumping liquids out, washing things out, they only for washing hands only.
  • Make sure to wash things with bleach with any thing you though, like door handles, any handles like for dishwashers, mop handles, bloom handles, and any thing you put your hands on. This will help with infections and people getting sick.
  • Always keep things off the floor and have a storage for cleaning supplies, because there are some that are harmful, so always read the back of them and warnings on what they say if anything tend to happen.
  • Always ware safety goggles and rubber groves when using any harmful chemicals and maybe a mask if needed.
  • Always put a label on any bottle with a chemical in it with the right name of the chemical.
  • Never leave food that is going to be use in a dish room area or leave frozen food out.

Okay that what’s been bugging me.

Dragon Ball Super 79 review

Okay Marjin Buu is fighting the first battle. I not saying who wins but the Zeno’s get bored when the fight is ending kind of fast with a knock out, so the fight does not end with a knock out, also with the Zeno’s are not liking the original rules, so everything goes.

Their isn’t much to say of this one without spoiling it but the universe 9 power levers can’t be sense, that makes it difficult for universe 7. Also universe 11 fighters seems to be powerful also.

Also with Dragon Ball Super episode 80 with Gohan up next seems like it will be interesting with Gohan eyes being a different color of not seeing his Peoples, so what’s going on with that, and does he finds his hidden powers again?hqdefault

Okay I’m going to talk about my job without to much details of it because of social sites and it’s an arts school.

Okay where I work at, it’s a good arts school and has a good size campus. Their also have a big size music library and many arts programs for high school students and they have college programs also. They have a music camp in the summer, that gets real busy with music concerts during the summer. Sorry I can’t say where at, because that can get me in trouble, and I can’t really talk about my job there either, with the shifts that I work.

This is going to be hard to talk about it without much details and pictures.

Okay, there are lots of famous people kids that go there, and kids from all over the world, that goes there to. I’m also professional with any job title that I have, so that means, not letting my naughty side out, also at a school.

This isn’t hard to do, since I don’t have any mental issues, that’s a good thing, for how my mind is, that I’m not going to talk about.

Okay this art school been around for a while and have other schools like it in other places also. It started out small by a guy that’s been dead over 12 years now, but he started it all.

I also think it’s just a start of it, because it has a lot going on for it, for the students, I mean, since they are the most important ones there, that matters at the school.

Ghost in the Shell: Live Action movie my thoughts on it.

Okay I’m a big anime fan and a Ghost in the Shell fan also. I seen all of them besides ‘Arise of Ghost of the Shell’ but seen the first 2 episodes on DVD Blu-ray set, since I don’t have a Blu-ray player or Sony Playstation 3 or 4. I don’t read Manga’s but I seen Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex on Toonami, that is part of AdultSwim a nightly block on Cartoon Network, so I haven’t seen them on DVD, so I don’t know if there are censors or cut out scenes that they don’t show on TV.imagesI do have a DVD player and a computer with Cycperlink PowerDVD 15 on it.

Okay back to the live action movie, I seen the trailer of it, and it looks like we Americans, going to have the storyline with the Japanese Animation screw up again. When are they going to learn that’s a big turn off to the true fans of Japanese Anime Shows?

It does look good, and it’s going to be in 2D and 3D IMAX, so that’s good, and it also looks like they kept scenes from the 1995 anime movie, like in the main picture, that I use for this blog, that is one of my favorites’scenes.

The movie comes out March 31st on a Friday.


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